Markham Lumber

Markham Lumber has been providing sawmill and lumber services throughout the North Shore for decades.

Our specialties are rough sawn lumber, posts and beams, and unique flooring. Logs from the trees we cut are transported back to the sawmill and turned into beautiful rustic boards.

View photos below to see more of the process of turning logs into lumber. You can see an example of a client job in Ipswich, MA for a new barn below:

A load of sawlogs arrives at the mill and is loaded onto the skidway. After the log is “dogged” onto the carraige, the sawyer passes it through the headsaw. After turning the log three times, a sized “cant” is made and is finally sawn into boards or beams. The photo on the right shows a load of pine beams ready for delivery to Ipswich, MA for a new barn. These beams were made from pine trees harvested at the site of the barn.